Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jenny and I had a great time at the Bradford International Film Festival last weekend.  We were there as part of the Film Makers Weekend - Jenny was chairing a discussion and I gave our inaugural workshop based on exercises from The Casting Handbook, ably helped by two 'live' actors - Louise and Frank - to demonstrate. 

It was incredibly enjoyable and the participants seem to find it very useful, interactive and practical. 

Many thanks to all who participated and here's to the next ones off the block - which will be at 'Surviving Actors' in Manchester and as part of the Equity Conference in the middle of May.

We are looking to share our workshops at more film festivals in the coming months - so keep an eye out and please get in touch if you are organising a festival.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Spotlight is on....Suzy!!!

Well her voice anyway...have a listen. She gives a great interview on a Spotlight podcast. Informative, interesting and a great trailer for The Casting Handbook!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Workshops and events coming up include:
20th April - Bradford International Film Festival.  Suzy will be leading a workshop based on the book using actors to demonstrate interview and directing styles and techniques.
19th May - Suzy is hoping to be holding a seminar at Surviving Actors in Manchester - more details to follow.
20th May - Suzy will be leading a 2 hour interactive workshop as part of the Equity conference in London.

A podcast has been recorded which will be out on the Spotlight website - exact date to follow.

There will be a Twitter competition launched by The Actors Guild coming up very shortly!